The Lucky Ones

Today I rode my horse, and I had fun. I spend most of my days answering emails, managing websites, social media and coordinators. That’s in addition to caring for all the animals here and my husband. I’m not sure when I buried my head in the sand and forgot to come up for air but it’s easy to do in this type of work. I suppose I forgot, I forgot what it was like to work with my horse and enjoy it. For one hour to feel the sun hitting my face and zoning out to the rhythm of his hooves, focusing on just us being a team and leaving the worry of the many horses who are not mine behind me. 


I get told a lot that, “they are all my horses” and in my heart I and our team care for them and oversee their lives as if they were our own, but they are not. They are all our horses yours, mine, the horse community as a whole, it’s our collective responsibility to right the wrongs these helpless horses have suffered at the hands of some crap human. For a rescue to truly do their job the horses need more to blossom, to be free of the traumas humans have inflicted on them, they need more patience, training, trust and time, vet care, feed, hay, plain and simple. When a rescue does their job that horse is 100% whole again before adoption which we pride ourselves on. We are supposed to fix anything that’s wrong and give them the proper tools to be a wanted partner in someone’s life.


So today after riding my 100% rehabbed adopted horse. I find myself coming home to continue the constant sharing, communicating, worry, and thinking of how we can make people care more about the other adoptable horses here. Watching horses who deserve that one on one love just sit here… in the orphanage… just waiting… after months of rehab, training, months of them trying their hearts out to be the best horse they can be for no one to even care enough to share their picture on Facebook. It’s disappointing. 

Listening to the countless “we want to donate” lines but no one ever does… Hundreds of emails that lead to nowhere… Promises of all kinds of things from humans that are just never done… and maybe everyone thinks someone else is doing it? But they aren’t! No one is! Maybe it’s society, maybe we live in an I want it all and I want it now world? I want everything I can get my hands on for as little as possible? Some who want to reduce our already low fees that the other horses depend on. Your not cheating some rich tycoon who donated to us because they don’t exist here, your cheating the next needy horse waiting to be saved! 


I suppose I could wrap my head in knots wondering why these sweet horses are over looked but the bottom line is we have to do better. We as the human race have to care more, we have to stop and take a second of our day to hit the share button, we have to think outside ourselves, we have to slow down and collectively make a difference. 


And as I rode my recently adopted orphan, who sat in our pastures for months also being overlooked, out of the arena today… someone said, “wow what a beautiful horse! You’re so lucky!” and I felt sad. I felt sad for all the horses still waiting for their lucky day to come too. 

Please adopt, foster, donate, like, share, volunteer, fundraise…. everyone can do something.

IG @crossfireequinerescue


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