Dear Former Human

You had my feet done, shaved and clipped my whiskers and ears and gave me a bath. I remembered you conditioning my mane and tail so I looked my best. You cut a big chunk out of my tail to remember me and our adventures by because you said you loved me. I might have even had a note telling other humans how I had served you well and what a good boy I was. That I was just getting older and needed a new home. I know I have some lumps and bumps on my legs but I still tried for you and I loved to be with you. 
I loaded up in the trailer like you asked and went to an auction. I was sold and my whole life changed. Where had you gone? Where was I going? You went home and told yourself I had found a great new home. A good home that would love me like you did and never let yourself think of me again. But I didn’t end up in a good home I arrived at a kill pen where they stuck another yellow tag on me, this time on my shoulder… I didn’t like that glue and I didn’t like my new home called the kill pen.
I don’t know where the other horses went but I was separated. I made a friend who had fresh shoes on too and his legs hurt also. We got each other through the days and the nights together. I dreamt of grazing in green fields again but there was no grass here. I could see grass all around me but couldn’t reach it. Just lots of poop on the ground and some old hay. I stayed close to my tall grey friend. 
The other horses in my group were sicker than we were. They felt really bad, coughing and snotting. My grey friends legs were really hurting him and mine were swollen too, I don’t know how far I traveled but I was tired. Days went by. I waited, what was going to happen to me? I could see people but I couldn’t be with them and I wanted to be with them. I wanted to feel loved again. 
It was late in the evening and a trailer pulled in. Two ladies got out and talked to the man I was always watching. He let them come back and said they could get the horse even though it was late. “You know what he looks like? Go on, back pen to the left” I heard him say and the ladies were so excited. Crazy human girls! Why would anyone get excited to come to the kill pen I thought I sure wasn’t! But that’s where we were, me and my grey friend were. 
They came to our gate and we rushed up to them and put our noses to their hands. The others stayed in the faraway corner huddled together. She put a halter on me, it was me they had come for and I was leaving I was too tired to be anymore excited but I was thankful! My grey friend tried hard to come too but they couldn’t take him. They wanted to but they could only get me… They gave my friend cookies and love and walked me out of what is called the kill pen. 
One put her hand on my head and I knew I was safe. I loaded up and we drove away not knowing where I was off to but it must be better than here. At every stop they gave me pats and talked sweetly to me. I got a few more cookies and I rejected this thing called an apple, very odd thing to eat if you ask me. After a very long trip we made it safely to a little barn tucked into a bunch of sweet smelling pine trees. They gave me water a snack and let me rest.
Today I got medicine from the vet for my eyes, got some shots, ya know no big deal… wormer, fresh shavings to sleep in, vitamins bla bla they were just okay… and this awesome orange stuff called electrolytes which I LOOOVVEE! My new human took me out and gave me a bath. She carefully took those tags off me that I hated. She washed my face and my hiney and that felt good hehe. She softly scrubbed me with her hands all over and ran the cold water over my legs for a long time and that felt good. Her touch felt good and she was nice. She started crying I think because I was trying to tell her my story and how thankful I was but then she stopped, she said cowgirls have to be tough or something… Lol these girls! I wanted to follower her everywhere she went but I had to wait. She conditioned my mane and tail and brushed it lovingly until all the knots were gone. She brushed my face and doctored my cuts and told me I how beautiful I was once again. She told me her name and said she would protect me, I rested my face in her arms and thanked her for all the rescuers who saved me.
I hope you get this note old human. That I’m perfect just the way I am. They don’t even care that I’m skinny now. I just want you to know that I did find a good home but they say it was a miracle and if it hadn’t been for my rescuers in less than 12 hours I would have been on a hot truck to Mexico and then dead… even with my clipped ears, clipped whiskers and freshly trimmed feet… but I guess you would have my tail to remember me by even when I was gone. 
Forever Thankful,



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